Modifying A CJ-2A Back Seat

Unfortunately, no one manufactures a reproduction back seat for the CJ-3A.  The only thing even close on the market today is an early CJ-2A back seat made by Omix-Ada.  That seat is fine if you don't mind an uncomfortable back seat that is visually incorrect.  Well, you can wait an eternity and spend $300 on Ebay when an original 3A seat pops up, or you can modify that reproduction 2A seat.  The first thing I did was research original back seats.  A good article can be found on the CJ-3B Page.  To modify the seat, the legs must be lengthened and the seat back must be extended.  The photos below show how I did it.

Here is the reproduction CJ-2A back seat.

As you can see, it sits low and the seat back is vertical.  This is NOT a very comfortable seat!

Here is a photo of the later CJ-2A and early CJ-3A back seat.  I will be modifying my seat to look like this one.  Photo is from the CJ-3B Page.

Here is a photo of the later 3A and 3B seat from the CJ-3B Page.  It shows the longer back feet and the extended seat back.

Comparing this photo of my 2A seat with the seat on the right, you can see how the legs will need to be modified.

Seat legs

The seat sits farther forward and tilts back.

I removed the seat legs first, then extended the rear by an 1 1/2" and the front legs by 3".

The bar spanning the two legs is 3/4" conduit.  I used the original cross bar to extend the legs because it matches the diameter of the seat legs.




This is the seat sitting on top of the legs.  You can see how it tilts back and sits up higher.

I bought new seat clips from Walcks.  They are very good reproductions and better be at $30 each!

Seat clips installed.

Here are the legs and bottom cross bar installed.

Next I use my sheetmetal brake to make the top bend in the back sheet metal.

After making the top bend I place the sheet metal in the frame and mark where the two side bends go.

After all the bends are done I mark where the beads go.

There are four beads rolled into the back.  I made my own beads with my bead roller, but you can take the dimensions to a metal shop and have them fab it up for you.

Seat legs

What do you think?  Is it a close match to the original seat on the right??

Painted black and ready to go!

The seat covers are from New Life Resources (see the Part Suppliers section).  I chose to make an early 3A back seat, and this is noticeable by the bottom seat cushion.  For a late 3A or 3B seat, a larger cushion is attached around the outside of the lower frame.

Looks great!!!