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The CJ3A Page


What is a CJ3A?

A history of our favorite flatfender, written a while back by Reed Cary. Not as complete as Bob Westerman's CJ3A book, but a good start. To really know the whole story you will need Bob's book. You can buy that here at this link:

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Ask your jeep questions or just join the conversation. We welcome all jeep fans to our family friendly forums. Don't miss the FAQ sections where many common questions have already been answered or researched.

Tech Tips and Specs

A great collection of articles on over a hundred different flatfender topics. Some are from our own board, others are from the 3B page, and some are from all over the web. Make this one of your bookmarks!!

The CJ3A Database

Owner supplied data and pictures, used for CJ3A research. New submissions always welcome.


A small collection of rare, period CJ3A advertising. We also could use submissions here too, but there honestly aren't a whole lot of ads out there for the 3A.


A literature and picture collection of period accessories one could buy at the local dealer. There was quite a variety.

Stories, History and Other Cool Stuff

An incredible survivor jeep, vintage photos, Roberto's artwork, virtual models, and other stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else. All worth a visit.

Fire Jeeps

Everyone loves a Fire Truck.....we think these 3A versions are hot stuff!!!

Military M38 Jeep

The 3A's military brother. A great jeep as well.


Dispatchers, Convertibles, and Surreys, all 2WD cousins of the 3A and 3B. From the 3B page.


A very rare military jeep.

APU Jeep

A very specific model for one uses.

Restoration stories

Eugene the Jeep, and other jeep pages describing some nice restoration work. See how others restored their projects.